First of all, welcome.

We live in a country that has it’s beauty and majesty overshadowed by unfortunate corruption and crime to name but a few.

And with that, we created Encounter to share the beauty that South Africa has to offer.

Whether you’re looking for an awesome night out with your mates, a romantic weekend for two, inspiration for keeping the little ones occupied during holidays or to satisfy that inner adrenaline junky… South Africa caters to every imaginable need.

While there are many blogs and sites sharing what South Africa has to offer, most of them lack “personality”. They throw up a bunch of words that read as though a 1980s computer bot spit them out.

We at Encounter, do things a bit different. We know what you look for in whatever it is you’re wanting to do and so write with you in mind.

  • Does that accommodation you’re eyeing have closed toilets in their beautiful open plan bathroom?
  • Is there high speed Wifi?
  • Can you take your pet there?
  • How expensive is the whiskey?
  • How safe it is?

You know, those kinds of things.

We also welcome any input, suggestions or comments from you, our valued reader.

We are Encounter and we hope we can do this country justice.